Sign Up For Kid's Church

Please let us know that your children will be joining us for Kid’s Church so we can make sure we have enough workers.

*Note: We have no nursery at this time. 

Online Sign-Up: All children must be registered online prior to the Saturday evening service each week. Register by visiting the website at by Thursday @ 10pm. This will allow us to plan for the appropriate number of staff members, as well as allow proper distancing in each room.  If the room capacity limit is reached prior to your registration, you will be notified. Your child will still be welcome to join you in the service and will be provided a lesson to work on during that time.

Registration Form: Parents/Guardians must complete the sign-in form prior to entering the room.

Masks: All children must wear masks when inside the building in adherence to GNCC general COVID policies.

Temperature Checks: All children will have their temperatures taken prior to entering the room.

Distancing: Chairs in the 1st through 6th grade room will be set up for distancing. Children from the same family will be allowed to sit next to each other. (Limit of 8 children; two staff). Staff should also practice distancing from each other unless they are from the same household, etc.

Staff in the 3 ½ – Kindergarten room will distance as much as possible from the child. (This room will have a limit of 2 children and one staff member, unless the staff are from the same household.)

Sanitizing:  Children must sanitize or wash their hands upon arrival to the church and entering the kid’s room. We also ask that you take them to the restroom prior to checking them in.

3 ½ – Kindergarten: The table, chairs, and toys will be sanitized prior to the children’s arrival. There will be a limited number of toys available during each service. Once a child uses a toy, it will be placed in a “to clean/sanitize” container. Children will not be allowed to share toys. A plastic bag will be in the room with the child’s name and his/her markers, crayons, and glue stick. These materials will not be shared with other students.

1st – 6th Grade: Chairs/tables/doorknobs will be sanitized before each service and then after the children leave. Please bring your child(ren)’s church bag to each service so they can use their own clipboard and other supplies to prevent any sharing.

Arrival: Parent/guardian must complete the registration form each week. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions on the registration form, your child(ren) will not be allowed to attend Kid’s Church. We ask that you see an usher for additional guidance as it relates to the general GNCC COVID-19 waiver for in-person attendance.

Praise and Worship: The live feed of the main service will be on in the 1st-6th grade room for the children during praise and worship. The feed will be turned off at the conclusion of the praise and worship portion of the service, and the children’s ministry will begin.

Snacks/Food: Food and snacks will not be served due to the mask requirement. Although water is allowed, please encourage your child not to drink it continually during the service.

Dismissal: Please pick up your child(ren) within 10 minutes after the service end. We ask that you practice distancing in the hallway as you wait to pick up your child(ren).